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Guilty, Not Guilty or Alford Plea?

What kinds of options do you have in regard to pleas in a court room and what do they mean? There are a lot of thing that are confusing about the criminal justice system, however, understanding your rights and options-

Sex Offender Registration and Deregistration

Registration 16-22-106, 16-22-108 Sex offender registration is a big part of sex offender probation. You must not only register as a sex offender initially but every year after that on your birthday until the court tells you not to. Now, sex-

Domestic Violence a Definition

At least once every week someone calls my office thinking that Domestic violence means they assaulted someone they had sex with.  I can’t even count the number of times we hear that “I never hit her/him so they have to-

Divided Attention Roadside Test

Officers use the divided attention roadside test as a tool to investigate DUI’s. These roadside tests are often used instead of breathalyzers during a field sobriety test. DUI roadside divided attention tests have a high rate of being successful in-

Sex Offender Sentencing and Treatment

It is required by law that people convicted of a sex offense shall undergo treatment in order to prevent recidivism of this nature. Each person sentenced by the court to probation, community corrections, or incarceration with the department or corrections-

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