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Internet Crime Attorney: Denver Lawyer M. Colin Bresee

When facing the charges of an internet crime, there’s no doubt that the situation can be both overwhelming and confusing. When you need an internet crime attorney, Denver lawyer M. Colin Bresee is ready to hear your case. He will help you to navigate the legal system and together we will create the best possible defense for your specific case. These cases demand specialized knowledge, training and computer savvy that most attorneys lack.

Due to his extensive experience, Mr. Bresee has been called in specifically to handle these types of cases throughout the State of Colorado. Mr. Bresee has experience as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney which allows him a full understanding of the legal system. Don’t trust your defense to a less experienced internet crime attorney. Denver lawyer, M. Colin Bresee is ready to assist you.

If You Need An Internet Crime Lawyer…

Denver and Colorado residents facing charges of internet crimes can’t afford any missteps in the handling of their case. These cases may result in your being a registered sex offender prohibiting you from ever using a computer. Your family and your livelihood may be on the line.

Contact an Expert Internet Crime Attorney: Denver and Surrounding Areas

M. Colin Bresee accepts calls 24 hours a day and offers free consultations so you can feel at ease as you move forward with your defense. Whether in Denver or counties across the State like Arapahoe, Jefferson, Boulder, Summit and beyond, he’s ready to speak with you. Contact us today at 303-377-0100 and we’ll help you take the first step towards peace of mind in this trying time.

What You Need to Know NOW About Your Internet Crime Charge

It’s True … Even if you’ve already posted your bond, the District Attorney may still attempt to add some or all of the following terms and conditions after you’ve posted your bond.

  • The Court can arrest you and police can issue warrant.
  • The Court can impose “reasonable terms” associated with your bond, which include:
    • No contact with the victim or victim’s family (even if it’s your own).
    • You cannot return to your house.
    • You cannot see your own children.
    • You may be subject to an alcohol sensor (you cannot consume alcohol while you are out on bond).
    • You may be randomly tested for drugs and alcohol at your expense.
    • Your probation officer can come to your home or place of work at any time, unannounced.
    • Your probation officer can come to your home and search it at any time, unannounced.
    • You may be ordered to quit your job.
    • No possession of a weapon while your case is pending.
    • They may put you on a State list just for being charged – make sure you know how to timely protect your rights to avoid this.
    • You may be ordered to wear a GPS ankle bracelet until case is concluded.
  • If convicted, you may be subject to registration as a sex offender.

Statute Associated with Internet Charges

Section 18-1.3-1004 – Indeterminate Sentence.

“[T]he district court having jurisdiction shall sentence a sex offender to the custody of the department for an indeterminate term of at least the minimum of the presumptive range specified in section 18-1.3-401 for the level of offense committed and a maximum of the sex offender’s natural life.”

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