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Colorado Drug Lawyer: Denver Law Offices of M. Colin Bresee

When you’re searching for a Colorado drug case lawyer, contact the law offices of M. Colin Bresee. With extensive experience in both prosecution and criminal defense, Mr. Bresee is one of the top drug case lawyers in Denver and the state.

Colorado drug testing laws change at a rapid pace – don’t fall victim to charges you don’t understand or are unjust simply because you didn’t understand the law. Whether a college student who made an honest mistake or an executive caught in the crossfire, Mr. Bresee will work with you personally to:

  • Understand the charges being brought against you
  • Place you in a position to retain academic status and career stability
  • Defend your case to the utmost given your case’s specific details

No one expects to need a drug lawyer. Colorado residents can rest assured that Mr. Breese’s expertise will not only help ease challenges when facing these types of charges but help both you and your family move forward while we work on the details of your case.

Expert Felony & Drug Case Lawyers in Denver, Colorado

Don’t let Colorado’s ever-changing drug testing laws place you or your loved ones at a disadvantage. We’ve worked throughout the entire State of Colorado and achieved astonishing results for our clients.

No matter the time of day, we encourage you to call us. We are available 24 hours to take your call. The first step is letting us know how we can help.

What You Need to Know NOW About Your Drug Charge

It’s true, even if you’ve already posted your bond, the District Attorney may still attempt to add some or all of the following terms and conditions after you’ve posted your bond.

  • The Court can arrest you and police can issue warrant
  • The Court can impose “reasonable terms” associated with your bond, which include:
    • No contact with your family.
    • You cannot return to your house.
    • You cannot see your own children.
    • You may be subject to an alcohol censor (you cannot consume alcohol while you are out on bond).
    • Your probation officer can come to your home or place of work at any time, unannounced.
    • A GPS ankle bracelet mandatory until the case is concluded.
  • If convicted or take a plea, you will likely lose your drivers license for one year or more.
  • The Court will require you to immediately start drug testing – and at YOUR expense.
  • The Court can order you to not use drugs even if you have a medical marijuana license.
  • You may be subject to random urine testing (could be daily) at your own expense.
  • You could be required to move out of your own home.
    • The Court can seize property that they suspect has been used in the commission of the crime (money, car, home)
  • If convicted, you may be required you to pay a drug offender surcharge (a State of Colorado fine on every drug case)

If you have been charged with a drug charge, don’t hesitate and call an attorney immediately. An experience drug case lawyer like M. Colin Bresee can be your best resource for understanding and navigating the Colorado drug laws.

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