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Charged with Sexual Assault? What Happens Next?

Felony sexual assault crimes are a very serious charge. Often, it doesn’t even take that much evidence to successfully accuse someone of a sexual offense. It is as simple as pointing a finger and saying he/she did it. There doesn’t-

How to Avoid Being Arrested

The cases that we handle in this office are very serious. Most people don’t understand that there is a lot you can do to help your case even before coming in to get the advice of an attorney. Now, there-

Pretrial Services in Jefferson County Colorado – What You Need to Know

What are pre-trial services? For certain crimes, usually for felonies or more serious misdemeanors, the court will order you to be put on pretrial services. This is basically parole before trial. This is the court’s way of keeping you around-

Rape Shield Law

What is Rape Shield Law? C.R.S. 18-3-407 is the statute regarding Colorado’s Rape Shield Law. This statute limits the type of attack that can be made against a victim in a sexual assault prosecution. This statute limits the kinds of-

What is 404(b) evidence?

What is 404(b) evidence and how can it harm… and help you? This kind of evidence is commonly used for the prosecution to show that the defendant has engaged in conduct that is similar to the charges that are against-

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