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Criminal Defense for Women: Accused of Murder but Acted in Self-Defense

Many women in abusive relationships often suffer years of emotional and physical violence. Violent relationships are often difficult to leave for fear of one’s life. The abuser can be controlling and manipulative in the relationship and endangerment can be increased-

Domestic Violence Attorney in Denver

Domestic Violence Attorney in Denver When you need a domestic violence attorney in Colorado, Denver lawyer M. Colin Bresee has over 1000 cases of domestic violence experience, creating a masterful navigation of the complex legal system. Domestic violence has its-

Colorado Driver’s License Reinstatement: What You Need to Know

  In the state of Colorado, your driver’s license may be suspended for any one of several different reasons. These include: Criminal conviction of a DUI Traffic tickets Conviction of a series of traffic violations Vehicular manslaughter Defacing public or-

What to Do if You Are Charged with a Sex Crime in Colorado (Infographic)

My name is Shannon Lynch and I am an intern in Mr. Bresee’s office. I have been working for Mr. Bresee for the past year and a half. In that time, there seems to be a change in the way that-

Drug Case Lawyers: Denver Law Offices of M. Colin Bresee

Drug Case Lawyers: Denver Law Offices of M. Colin Bresee When you’re searching for a Colorado drug case lawyer, contact the law offices of M. Colin Bresee. With extensive experience in both prosecution and criminal defense, Mr. Bresee is one-

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