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Sealing a Criminal Record in Colorado

People are often surprised and frustrated to learn that usually if your case was not dismissed, you can NEVER seal your criminal record.  The Legislatures view is that your criminal record is your criminal record and it should never be-

New Law: Petition to Seal a Criminal Drug Conviction

The legislature has passed a new law allowing old drug convictions (where you plead guilty) to be sealed.  It has caused quite a bit of phone calls and meetings at the office so I thought I would just put the-

Another Jury Trial Win – Sexual Assault in Adams County

This week I was successful in yet another life sentence case.  The jury was out less than one hour before they unanimously acquitted my client on ALL CHARGES. I remember the first day I met the client he felt like-

Newpaper Article on THC – I Was Their Expert

I was recently involved in a Westword article.  The Legislature was considering a 5 ng of active THC law for to be a DUI (HB-1261).  This article and other Westword efforts are credited with stopping the non-scientific, arbitrary number proposed. –


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