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Domestic Violence Laws in Colorado: What You Need to Know

At least once every week someone calls my office thinking that domestic violence means they physically assaulted someone they had sex with. I can’t even count the number of times we hear that “I never hit her/him so they have-

Colorado Gun Laws Guide: Ownership, Purchase, Registration, Penalties, & More

Gun Laws in the State of Colorado Gun Laws vary from state-to-state. Whether you already own a gun or are thinking about purchasing a firearm, this article will cover the most common Colorado gun law questions. According to Colorado.gov there are two-

What Happens if You Accumulate Too Many Points on Your Driver’s License in Colorado?

Under the DMV point system in the state of Colorado, you could wind up with a suspended license if you collect too many points within a specified timeframe. What does that mean? In short, certain offenses, such as speeding and-

COVID-19 & the Colorado Criminal Courts May 2020 Update

As we have previously written about and updated, The Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court, Nathan B. Coats has again extended his order. On May 05, 2020, the order extended the “emergency basis” the Courts will continue to operate-

How to Remove an Old Permanent Restraining Order in Colorado?

Do you have an old restraining order that you want to have removed? Here’s how to do it, even if your restraining order is permanent. What is a Permanent Protective Order in Colorado? Restraining orders (also known as permanent protective orders)-

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