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Why Hire the Law Offices of M. Colin Bresee (Colorado Jury Instructions)

The link below is for the 2008 Jury Instructions: Colorado Jury Instructions Unlike other lawyers, I want you to have this.  It helps me to help you with your case.  It is your case.  The decision to go to trial,-

Sealed Court file on many criminal cases

For a number of years, the Colorado Supreme Court has had a judicial directive in place which serves to seal various types of files. This includes sex offense and child abuse cases.  The file is the client’s file but the-

Domestic Violence = Mandatory Arrest in Colorado

If someone you know is charged with a domestic violence crime, call an experienced attorney RIGHT AWAY.   This is especially true if it is after hours, or on a weekend.  Sometimes, what we can do in the first 24 hours can make-

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DUI and Ambien

A new problem in our State has emerged.  Ambien has become the new date rape drug.  In the 90’s Rohypnol was the date rape drug.  It is a Schedule I drug which meaning it has no medical purpose in the-

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