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Level I Education, Level II Education and Level II Therapy – what is it and where do I go?

The website where you can find ALL of the approved treatment providers in your area (193 page document broken down by Judicial Districts) is at the Colorado Department of Human Services link below: Listing of ALL State of Colorado Certified-

Felony DUI – coming to Colorado in 2015

The bill to mandate Colorado’s new felony bill for multiple DUI’s passed the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, February 5, with a vote of 13-0.  Colorado is one of only 5 States left that does NOT have a felony DUI-

Sealed Court file on many criminal cases

For a number of years, the Colorado Supreme Court has had a judicial directive in place which serves to seal various types of files. This includes sex offense and child abuse cases.  The file is the client’s file but the-

Domestic Violence = Mandatory Arrest in Colorado

If someone you know is charged with a domestic violence crime, call an experienced attorney RIGHT AWAY.   This is especially true if it is after hours, or on a weekend.  Sometimes, what we can do in the first 24 hours can make-

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