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Divided Attention Roadside Test

Officers use the divided attention roadside test as a tool to investigate DUI’s. These roadside tests are often used instead of breathalyzers during a field sobriety test. DUI roadside divided attention tests have a high rate of being successful in-

Sex Offender Sentencing and Treatment

It is required by law that people convicted of a sex offense shall undergo treatment in order to prevent recidivism of this nature. Each person sentenced by the court to probation, community corrections, or incarceration with the department or corrections-

What is a REDDI Report?

REDDI Report, What is it and how can it be used against you? For those of you who have never heard of a REDDI report, it stands for Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately. A REDDI report is a way that-

INTERROGATION: REID METHOD – Why talking to law enforcement is NOT such a good idea

It’s common knowledge that law enforcement has certain methods and strategies that they use in order to gain information from people whom they believe have committed a crime. For those of us that have watched any sort of TV, or for-

Revised Colorado Drug Sentencing Laws

Colorado Revised Drug Sentencing: Senate Bill 13-250 In the State of Colorado, you can be charged with either a felony drug crime or a misdemeanor drug crime. These different levels of crimes come with significantly different consequences that will affect-

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