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What is 404(b) evidence?

What is 404(b) evidence and how can it harm… and help you? This kind of evidence is commonly used for the prosecution to show that the defendant has engaged in conduct that is similar to the charges that are against-

How to Seal a Criminal Record in Colorado (updated)

There have been a lot of changes in regards to your ability to seal a criminal record in the State of Colorado over the past year. We have extensive blog posts about these various rules, however, this will be the-

Sealing Criminal Records in Colorado

The state legislature has recently created a new policy when it comes to sealing records in Colorado This relates to cases other than convictions. Under current Colorado sealing record laws, you could only seal a deferred judgment or a dismissed case. You are-

Order for Mandatory HIV Testing

Why does the court order mandatory HIV testing? If you have ever been charged with any kind of sexual offense, as an adult or a juvenile than you probably have received a motion from the court requiring you to get-

Sex Offender Polygraph Testing

What happens when you have to take a polygraph test once a month for your sex offender treatment? What do you do when they ask you questions in a polygraph about acts that might get you in trouble? Are you-

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