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ETG Alcohol Testing

One of the most prevalent questions we get in our office is about drug testing, specifically about ETG testing. ETG refers to Ethyl Glucuronide or Ethanol. Ethanol is an ingredient found in most alcohols that is produced by the fermentation of-

Teen Sexting Laws in Colorado

Cell phones. We check them to kill time while in line at the grocery store. We use them to book flights, order food, call our loved ones, check the weather. The cellular phone has become an integral part of our-

What to Do When a Detective Contacts You

In the state of Colorado, detectives can contact you if you’re suspected of a crime, or if you might possibly be a witness to a crime that you didn’t necessarily take part in. Seeing officers come to your door can-

How to Get and Get Rid of a Permanent Restraining Order

People get Arrested Every Day on Restraining Order Violations in Colorado Every week or so, I get a call from someone who was arrested on an old restraining order.  Five years ago when they were dating one of them obtained-

Alternative Sentencing in Colorado

* “Prison break” photo by Marcin Wichary / CC BY 2.0 A sentence may involve just one or numerous elements in a criminal case; including serving time in jail or prison, probation, restitution, and/or community service. In the State of-

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