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How to Get and Get Rid of a Permanent Restraining Order

People get Arrested Every Day on Restraining Order Violations in Colorado Every week or so, I get a call from someone who was arrested on an old restraining order.  Five years ago when they were dating one of them obtained-

Alternative Sentencing in Colorado

* “Prison break” photo by Marcin Wichary / CC BY 2.0 A sentence may involve just one or numerous elements in a criminal case; including serving time in jail or prison, probation, restitution, and/or community service. In the State of-

What are Probation Violation Consequences in Colorado?

Source Probation in Colorado is somewhat of a second chance for criminal offenders. It’s a period of time after conviction in which offenders are monitored for good behavior to avoid a more serious sentence, such as jail or prison. The-

Sex Offender Rule 11 Advisement

Oftentimes, taking a plea of guilty in a sex offense case is the best move you can make for your future. Mr. Bresee is always willing to zealously defend his clients in a trial; however, trials are often run by-

Gun Laws in Colorado

Colorado Gun Laws Gun Laws vary from state-to-state. Whether you already own a gun or are thinking about purchasing a firearm, this article will cover the most common Colorado gun law questions. According to Colorado.gov there are two major gun-

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