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What Does .08% Have to Do With My DUI?

Many people come into the office not knowing exactly what a DUI is. They realize that DUI stands for ‘driving under the influence,’ but they don’t know the nuances of what that means. We all seem to have heard or-

Mandatory Arrest for Domestic Violence in Colorado – It’s the Law

If someone you know is charged with a domestic violence crime, call an experienced attorney RIGHT AWAY.   This is especially true if it is after hours, or on a weekend.  Sometimes, what we can do in the first 24 hours-

ETG Alcohol Testing

One of the most prevalent questions we get in our office is about drug testing, specifically about ETG testing. ETG refers to Ethyl Glucuronide or Ethanol. Ethanol is an ingredient found in most alcohols that is produced by the fermentation of-

Teen Sexting Laws in Colorado

Cell phones. We check them to kill time while in line at the grocery store. We use them to book flights, order food, call our loved ones, check the weather. The cellular phone has become an integral part of our-

What to Do When a Detective Contacts You?

If you are the suspect in an investigation, you are more than likely to be contacted by a detective to come and talk to them about the accusations against you. What do you do when a detective contacts you? Do-

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