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Inchoate Offenses in Colorado

Have you ever heard the term inchoate offense? Have you been or are you currently charged with solicitation, conspiracy, or attempt to commit a crime in Colorado? You are in the right place! In Colorado, an individual can be charged-

Unlawful Sexual Contact in Colorado

What is Unlawful sexual contact in Colorado? How can you be charged with unlawful sexual contact? What are the penalties associated with a charge of unlawful sexual contact? First of all, there are varying degrees of unlawful sexual contact. It-

Internet Luring of a Child

The charge of internet luring of a child is surprisingly easy to be charged with. This has been made possible, obviously, by the internet. However, what is not so obvious is that minors can easily get on dating websites that-

Enticement of a Child in Colorado

The charge of enticement of a child is as serious as it sounds. The most common way that this happens is when the alleged victim lies about their age. This happens all the time. Unfortunately, we live in a society-

Indecent Exposure – Felony and Misdemeanor Laws

Indecent exposure is a very common charge in the state of Colorado. Indecent exposure charges, more often than not, arise out of situations where people are heavily drinking and in a public location. These kinds of charges usually step from-

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