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Being convicted as a criminal sex offender could make it impossible for you to get a job, choose where you’re allowed to live, or retain custody of your children. If you’re accused of violating sex crime laws, you need to act quickly to clear your name. M. Colin Bresee has built a 20+ year record of success as one of Colorado’s most aggressive sexual assault attorneys. We understand that your situation is urgent and unique, and we’re ready to review your case for free – right now.

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If you’ve been accused of violating sex crime laws, your situation is confusing, intimidating, and – most of all – urgent. Criminal sex offender cases are often won or lost in the first few days after the arrest, so you can’t afford for your attorney to be learning the ropes of sexual assault defense on your case.

Every sexual assault case is unique, but all convicted sex offenders face:

Remember, each District Attorney’s office has a division devoted specifically to prosecuting violations of sex crime laws. Convicting criminal sex offenders is their number one priority and you are in their crosshairs.

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M. Colin Bresee – one of the most experienced and aggressive defense attorneys in Colorado – will be personally preparing your case and defending you in court. Mr. Bresee has handled at least 40 sexual assault cases per year for the last decade, building an exceptional record of success. Mr. Bresee has experience as both prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, so he can anticipate in advance the evidentiary, tactical and procedural strategies the State will try to use against you.