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Who has to REGISTER as a sexual offender in Colorado

When you are charged with a sexual crime in Colorado you need information immediately. That is why I write these blogs to assist you and your family in making short-term and long-term decisions. Generally, you will have to register as-

De-Register as a Sexual Offender

The following is the free chart I use to tell people when they can de-register as a sexual offender (as of 2020 in Colorado). Please use it as the reference tool

Alcohol and Open Container Laws in Colorado

Each state has different open container laws, and if you don’t know the particular laws in the state you are in, you may not even know if you’re breaking the law. This article will explain some commonly asked questions regarding-

Colorado Virtual Courtroom Links – idiots guide for People like me – with actual links to find your Courtroom

So almost all Courts are now slowly transitioning to virtual Court. While some have pointed out that the Courts are 3 months behind the private sector (the Real World), they are now doing it. Now is not the time to-

Colorado Assault Laws: Understanding the Degrees of Assault Charges

Understanding the varying degrees of Colorado’s assault laws doesn’t have to be an overwhelming challenge. If you or someone who know has been charged with assault, the Law offices of Colin Bresee can help! We believe it’s important for you to know-

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